2WW (week wait)

Well technically 10 days.  I’ve mentioned before that our blood test will be the same day as my due date for our loss (July 27).  This is a good thing, it’s closure.  The transfer went well yesterday, well as good as the lovely cysts on my cervix wanted to make it.  We eventually got past it all.  We had a slight issue during the mock transfer but they switched up to the transfer catheter and had no issues.  My bladder was so full I think they were afraid I would pee myself, they kept apologizing when they placed the ultrasound wand on my belly.  

One of the embryos.

Wore my LuLa unicorns for the occasion.

I’m now sitting here 24 hours in on bedrest, only 48 more to go…  I’ve been drinking a cocktail with mineral water, strawberries, pomegranate and pinapple juice.  Lots of water and eating.  Some slight twingy cramps with the occasional lingering hot flash.  I started watching GOT, figured I could get through the 6 seasons while I’m on bedrest, LOL.  Not much else to update.  Just laying here waiting, trying to not be bored and to stay positive.  These babies will stick and this time next year we will be holding the fruits of this labor.  


Author: laugheduntilwecriedblog

Just a geologist trying to get knocked up. Dealing with DOR, endometriosis, thyroid and MFI. Adoption is not an option for us unfortunately and giving up is not in our nature so we will just go broke.

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